Koenigsegg gets into the hybrid game with the radical and crazy powerful Regera.

04 Mar, 2015

There’s fast and then there’s Koenigsegg fast. Koenigsegg claims that the Regera will run from 0-250mph in under 20 seconds. Yes you read that right, 0-250mph. They also claim it will go from 93-155mph in just 3.2 seconds or about the same time it takes a modern supercar to reach 0-60mph. Utterly insane performance numbers thanks to over 1,500 combined horsepower between the 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8 found in the Agera and 3 electric motors.

But wait, the craziness is not even close to over. What if I told you the Regera doesn’t have a gearbox and instead just has a single gear that takes it from 0-250mph. This results in less weight allowing the Regera to weigh in at only 200lbs. more than the Agera even with all hybrid stuff. Another advantage is that is reduces drivetrain loss by over 50% when compared to a traditional transmission or CVT because there is no step up or step down gear working in series with the final drive. Koenigsegg refers to this as Direct Drive and the basic idea behind it is that the electric motor powers it up until 30mph after which the internal combustion engine comes in to play and the single gear somehow manages to take the Regera to top speed at the its 8,250rpm redline. Check out Jalopnik for a more detailed explanation.

Only 80 of these will be made at a price of $1.89 million.

  • Nevin

    Once I heard about Koenigsegg doing something at Geneva, that’s when I got really excited. The Agera RS was also pretty sweet. However, this megacar is just epic. I knew they would do this. I always loved Koenigsegg as a company, from their dedication to extreme automobiles to the way they build their cars.

    • Chris Butera

      Agreed, they are becoming more and more special as time goes on. I’m still amazed at what they pulled off with only using a single gear. Shows they are willing to think in such untraditional methods.

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