Bugatti Chiron picks up where the Veyron left off

29 Feb, 2016

1,478HP, 1,180 lb-ft. of torque, 265mph top speed, 0-62mph in under 2.5 seconds, 0-124mph in under 6.5 seconds, and 0-186mph in under 13.5 seconds. Let those numbers sink in for a second. Oh, and of course we can’t forget the $2.6 million price tag.

Whiles these numbers may not represent quite the jump over the competition the Veyron did, they are still damn impressive. The only bad number is weight which has increased 340 pounds to 4,400 lbs. but if you care about weight, you’re looking at the wrong car.

The overall size is similar to the Veyron’s and it is of course still AWD because how else are you going to get down all that power down. Production will be limited to just 500 units, but also like the Veyron there will be a million other variants coming down the line so keep buying those lotto tickets.

  • Nevin

    Quite a show at Geneva, but hey, that’s what the show is known for. Bugatti is back once again to represent part of the pinnacle of performance for supercars. Many other cool cars there as well. The Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, the Koenigsegg Regera + Agera RS + Agera ‘Final’, Zenvo ST1 TS1/TSR, Spyker C8 Preliator, Arash, and plenty more. For the Chiron, 261 mph is just the ‘limited’ top speed, the actual top speed will be higher.

    P.S.- Got an Xbox One and have been playing Forza 6 lately, pretty great. I was pretty much done with Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3. Also the Centenario LP 770-4 will be the cover car for Forza Horizon 3. Cheers.

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