2010 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento – Star of the 2010 Paris Motor Show

01 Oct, 2010

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Wow. Where to even begin. The most outrageous and important concept of the 2010 Paris Motor Show comes from none other than Lamborghini. The styling is um...well interesting to say the least. Definitely like the front profile a lot but the rear is hideous. I don't think i've seen a car with such a large contrast between the two. Though I will admit it's starting to grow on me a little.

More importantly than the styling is that almost the entire car is made up of lightweight materials (mostly carbon fiber). Sesto Elemento means 6th element in Italian and stands for the 6th element in period table which is non other than Carbon. Most important is the central tub, which is constructed out of what Lamborghini calls “carbon fiber forged composite.” Even the wheels are made of carbon fiber!

The result is downright astonishing. The Sesto Elemento weighs in at only 2200 pounds, that's less than the new Lotus Elise concept( hint...hint Lotus) and 800 lbs. lighter than the current Gallardo. Even better is that it's powered by that same 570hp V10 currently featured in the Gallardo.

2200 pounds, 570hp V10. That's 3.86 pounds per horsepower . Needless to say the performance numbers will be out of this world and indeed they are. 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 186mph. The extra weight loss will also greatly improve the handling and breaking abilities compared to its predecessors.

It's still a concept at this point so expect a few changes before its ready for production. Hopefully mostly in the rear styling department.

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