Ferrari 599 GTO Pictures and Specifications

13 Apr, 2010

Based on the track-only 599XX, The 599 GTO replaces the Enzo as Ferrari's fastest road car with a record lap time of 1’24” at Ferrari's own Fiorano test track.

The 599 GTO is powered by a 671hp V12 with a maximum torque of 457 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm. 0-60mph comes in 3.2 seconds and acceleration continues all the way up to 208mph.

Fundamental to the GTO’s performance is the innovative approach to chassis development which, for the first time on a production car, saw the integration between a handling set-up tuned for a level of responsiveness that is close to the limit and highly sophisticated electronic controls. The result is the almost complete absence of understeer and a truly communicative chassis.

As is Ferrari’s policy, every new Ferrari features new solutions for a road car. Thus the 599 GTO is equipped with the latest, second-generation carbon-ceramic brakes which are lighter and offer better performance, new aerodynamic innovations, such as the wheel doughnuts which increase aerodynamic efficiency as well as improve brake cooling, and the Supersport tyres developed by Michelin include a wider front tyre for greater roadholding. The driver-car interface is also new with the adoption of the Virtual Race Engineer (VRE) which provides the driver with instantaneous information on performance.

Only 599 will be made


  1. Jon
    April 20, 2010

    Wow, Ferrari is finally making a fast car! First real supercar since the Enzo, I think. Straightline speed in combination with great handling…It’s going to be a beast of a car.

    • October 31, 2010

      Ferrari is doing really well now, nothing much for them to worry about.

      • L A
        November 01, 2010

        Ya, Ferrari is raking in the dough, they should do good.

        • November 01, 2010

          They are doing better than Lambo currently.

          • L A
            November 02, 2010

            They are doing much better because they have a full line-up, Lambo only has 3-7 models.

          • November 03, 2010

            I do not really see much interest in some Lambos as Ferraris, other people might also have that feeling.

  2. Chris
    April 20, 2010

    It is going to be a beast. Always loved the looks and the engine, now they gave it the suspension to match. I can only imagine what the F70 will be like.

    • November 12, 2010

      Definitely, that would really wild to imagine.

      • L A
        November 12, 2010

        Look it up, you might find some concept pictures of it.

        • November 13, 2010

          That would be even wilder.

          • L A
            November 13, 2010

            I am sure that it would be lower than the new Jota, because considering how low the F50 was in the 90s, this should be a super, super low car.

          • November 13, 2010

            Yeah, people can only imagine what it would be like.

  3. Lebza
    May 20, 2010

    This ferrari is off the hook, superfine supercar. What more does an individual need from a car! I’d definitely buy one if I had the bucks!!!

    • October 31, 2010

      I love the sound of the car accelerating.

      • L A
        November 01, 2010

        It sounds deadly.

        • November 01, 2010

          Your reply to my comment sound even deadlier.

      • November 03, 2010

        Your welcome.

  4. October 22, 2010

    Looks a lot similar as the fiorano, except the grille.

  5. L A
    October 22, 2010

    I don’t think it is too different, but if you look at the higher side view pic, you will see air vents that differ from the Fiorano’s, and from the rear you see an air director whatever thing.

    • November 12, 2010

      It probably has to do something with performance.

  6. October 24, 2010

    It probably should differ as it could be part of the higher speed. Everything cannot be the same.

  7. L A
    November 07, 2010

    Ferraris are actually more liveable and driveable than Lambos.

  8. November 07, 2010

    Yeah, Lambo just quit the murcielago, time for a new flagship.

  9. L A
    November 11, 2010

    Sad, I liked the murci, but as you said, new flagship, has to be good.

    • November 12, 2010

      Obviously, this would be one of the most important cars for Lambo.

  10. November 12, 2010

    It needs to be good, I heard that the performance sounds pretty promising. Hope for the best.

  11. L A
    November 12, 2010

    And most performance predictions when the car is in the near future are usually pretty acurate.

  12. November 13, 2010

    You accidently made a typo, “accurate”, not acurate.

  13. L A
    November 13, 2010

    I keep missing my keys, because I type 46 words-per-minute and just fly over the keys, I have the right to miss a key or two every here and there unless it is an assignment for something, then I have to take my time.

  14. November 13, 2010

    Yeah, I sometimes type really fast too, but I do not mess up that much though.

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